Proclamation of the Free Sovereign European State

We, the undersigned members of the Free Sovereign European State, hereby declare that under the name of

Free Sovereign European State“

we establish our renewed society based on the union of free people. We hereby create a truly human society as the cornerstone of freedom and peace for all European states. The common good of all people living in peace on the territory of Europe is our declared goal.

We see the need for the creation of a completely new society, as globalisation has led to great insecurity among people. People as well as nature have been degraded to a mere economic factor.

The powerful of this world have used the crises in the past to divide the population and continue to do so. Unfair distribution of resources and goods, unequal treatment in all situations and lack of freedom are the result. Nature as our basis of life is also being destroyed further and further and irretrievably. There is a lack of appreciation for the living and the natural, as well as for services that are not remunerated in money.

The answer to the current challenges cannot lie in even greater mechanisation and further separation of humans from nature.

The present forms of government are no longer able to provide the foundations of life that we and our children need for a living and free future.

Democratic foundations are ignored or simply overruled without regard to the legal foundations. Courts are guided by politics and no longer by law. Slowly, whole peoples in Europe are slipping into slavery.

The new society, this new state, is the state of all of us – we are not subjects or dependents. We are the members and thus, as owners, creators of this state. Our belonging does not arise from our place of birth, but from our conviction and our free will.

We are free from birth and all have equal rights and opportunities. It is our duty as members of this community to end the current age of injustice and inequality.

We stand for a new form of human coexistence. We are all brothers and sisters – no language and no border will separate us anymore. We will create and complete this society together – as a place of unity, freedom, responsibility, co-determination and co-creation. Everyone is important here; each individual has his or her place.

It is our common task to ensure peace externally and internally, so that everyone can find their way to happiness.

We do not advocate socialism or communism, but we will end the current form of capitalism. It is not the insatiable pursuit of profit that will guide our actions, but the pursuit of happiness and harmony for all in the community.

Our actions will be guided by the following principles:

  • We respect nature as our basis of life.
  • Our respective culture, identity and our different languages must be preserved as independent and appreciated in their diversity.
  • The institution of the accepting human family forms the basis of our society.
  • The new state creates good living conditions for people, animals, plants and nature. It distributes resources fairly and takes into account necessary periods of rest.
  • Welcome are peaceful living with each other and mutual consideration, with respect and regard for one’s own life, the life of other people, all other beings and nature.
  • All citizens have the opportunity to develop and develop freely within the framework of the law, as long as they do not restrict the freedom of another person.

Important persons in our polity are elected by the people and only for a fixed term. Important decisions are made solely by the people through voting. The state is represented by 12 independent delegates and a head.

The living space and common possession of the Free Sovereign European State is the territory of the continent of Europe used by the will of the owner.

We invite all people to join our State by registration as a declaration of will.

Free Sovereign European State

Self-sufficient living together and being there for each other. In peace, with mutual respect, dignity and consideration – for our own lives, for the lives of other people and all beings, and for nature.


A call for a new beginning for a free life in a new peaceful state. Will you join us and help us build this state?

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