"Everybody was saying:
'You can't do that. How could you possibly do it anymore?'
Then a few brave people came, and they just did it!"

Free Sovereign European State - FSES

A call for a new beginning for a free life in a new peaceful state.
We invite all people to join our state by registering as an expression of their will.

Common objective

Self-determined to live together and be there for each other. In peace, with mutual consideration, respect, and esteem – for our own lives, the lives of other people and all beings, and nature.

What is the Free Sovereign European State?

The Free Sovereign European State was founded in accordance with the law and is now being further developed. It unites people who want to break away from the structures of the current European states. People who want to live the conviction that it is the people who should decide, not a government.

What does the idea look like in practice?

In the FSES, the government is replaced by representatives of the people, and important issues are decided by the people through popular vote. One administration is responsible for all basic public services… School, education, transport, culture, health, energy, waste management, and housing.

What are the goals?

All people have the same rights: food, education, work, health, love and happiness, equal treatment, ownership of property and freedom of expression. Every citizen does his or her part to make all this possible. „State“ institutions such as hospitals, schools, water supply, etc. are non-profit organizations and serve only to provide for the citizens of the FSES.

Values of the new state

Values are oriented towards the common good, the personal responsibility of each individual, human dignity, as well as the laws of nature, creation and the growing awareness of the above. An important motto is: The freedom of the individual ends where it interferes with the freedom of another. Our aim is to protect, respect and preserve ALL life for the future.

7/22/2010: ICJ President Hisashi Owada in The Hague, reading the ICJ's legal opinion, which was approved by a vote of ten judges to four, said: "International law knows no prohibition on declarations of independence."


The national territory is the land owned by those Europeans who have registered as citizens of the FSES. They remain owners with all rights, but transfer their land to the FSES as national territory by declaration of their will. FSES in turn waives all rights to the new national territory. Info: A national territory does not have to be contiguous.

Anyone can apply for citizenship, regardless of whether or not they add land/house to the state by declaration of their will.

Citizenship and a passport can be applied for at for a fee of 50 euros. It will be provisionally issued for a period of 5 years.

The founders of the FSES are people who have realised that the current forms of governments are destroying Europe. That is why they have come together and founded this new state. They are judges, lawyers for international law, doctors, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, therapists, hospital staff, professors from different fields and workers from nine states. At present, they see themselves as endangered by the existing states, which can easily be seen in the example of Catalonia. In the other states, too, the politicians are accessing existing law and bending it or even overriding it. Therefore, their identities will not be revealed for the time being.

They are fundamental values that unite all Europeans. Values that unite Europe as one and allow us to preserve diversity and unite as a community at the same time. Under a strong spiritual leadership, the primary social work was created, which is the fundamental basis of the common Constitution. Later, on the basis of citizen participation, other parts of the Constitution will be built. We need all of you who are ready for this step and, of course, fellow citizens with a legal background for appropriate legal texts, experts from medicine, economics and all areas that make up a humane society. 

We need all of you who are ready for this step and, of course, fellow citizens with a legal background for the appropriate legal texts, experts in the fields of medicine, economics and all areas that make up a humane society.

If you are interested, please tick the appropriate box in the registration form.

Social services should be provided through state-run non-profit institutions, while fully respecting the free choice and self-determination of the citizen. FSES is a brand new state that we would like to build together with you.


An example in the area of healthcare: Each individual decides for himself/herself regarding his or her body. Adequate free health care must be fully available and guaranteed for every person. Medicine should be holistic – for body, mind and psyche (soul). Various healing methods (naturopathy, alternative medicine and conventional medicine) work hand in hand and complement each other.


Another example in the area of education: every
citizen has a right to free joyful education. Individual
talents are recognized, valued and encouraged. The
social, Christian-oriented development / education
of the people is a primary goal.

Yes, at any time. In this case the fee of 50 eur is not given back.

No. Almost all European countries have the option of dual citizenship. This means that a person retains (until the SSES reaches the size needed to be self-sufficient) his/her current citizenship.

The exceptions are Austria and Slovakia. For example, in the case of Slovakia, if you become a citizen of another country and have not lived in its territory for 5 years, you automatically lose your status as a citizen of the Slovak Republic.

Even in cases where there is a risk of losing the previous citizenship, the person can apply for citizenship. In such a situation, he/she will be granted the status of „waiting person“ for as long as necessary. In the event that such a person does not own any land which he/she wishes to contribute to the SSES of his/her own free will, a portion of the available land already provided to the SSES will be donated to him/her. In this way, after 5 years from the date of confirmation of registration, he/she will be able to declare his/her residence in the territory of the other State, in this case, the SSES.

In the end, all of them, since citizens from every country can declare (and they do) their allegiance to the new state.

You can apply for citizenship and a passport by clicking on the green button. You will then be redirected to the registration page, where you will clearly see the entire process of application. This consists of four steps.

At the beginning, the registration process has 4 simple, quick steps. It consists of entering identification details, verification and payment.

You will then receive a decree confirming your citizenship by email. You should receive it within 48 hours. The citizenship application also includes an application for a national document (passport). Your passport will be delivered to your mailing address. The time taken to produce and deliver your passport depends on the number of applications. It may take several weeks.

The Free Sovereign European State is a brand new state. Every citizen is expected to comply with fundamental values. The state constitution as well as the functioning of the state administration will be set together with the citizens of the state. All important issues will be decided by the citizens by popular vote (referendum). Under strong spiritual guidance, a primary social work has been created, which is the fundamental basis of the common constitution. Later, on the basis of citizen participation, other parts of the constitution will also be built.


We need all of you who are ready for this step and, of course, fellow citizens with a legal background in the relevant legal texts, experts in medicine, economics, and all the fields that make up human society.

Yes. The application for citizenship and the passport at the same time is charged at 50 euros. This amount is paid directly during registration. Payment can be made online, by debit or credit card. The online payment process is secured through the verified payment gateway Stripe.


Self-sufficient living together and being there for each other. In peace, with mutual consideration, respect and esteem. We also extend our hand of peace and good neighbourliness to all our neighbouring states and their peoples. Our appeal is to all the people who live in Europe to join us and help build a Free Sovereign European State.


We, the undersigned, proclaimed on 20 May 2023 the establishment of the Free Sovereign European State and declare ourselves independent of all States within the European territory. This new sovereign state, described in the proclamation dated the same day, is bound only by the divine laws of nature, the cosmos, and the human family. We, the undersigned, constitute the Founding Council of…

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We, the undersigned members of the Free Sovereign European State, hereby declare that under the name of Free Sovereign European State we establish our renewed society based on the union of free people. We hereby create a truly human society as the cornerstone of freedom and peace for all European states. The common good of all people living in peace on the territory of Europe is…
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Constitution of the Free Sovereign European State

Entry formula: This first Constitution has been adopted by the founders. It applies to the entire territory of the Free Sovereign European State (FSES).
Preamble: Conscious of their responsibility before God and all His creation, and with the firm will to give strength and effect to His laws and principles once again on European soil, the citizens of the FSES, as a legislative body, have given…

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10-point trade law (preliminary)

1. Free trade between regions is established: A system that allows free trade of agricultural products within the country and with international partners without additional tariffs or trade barriers is established.

2. Tax exemption for farmers in FSES is introduced: All agricultural products produced and marketed directly by farmers are exempt from taxes…
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10-point hunting right (provisional)

1. Sustainability and animal welfare: Hunting shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainability and in consideration of animal welfare. This includes the protection of endangered species and the observance of hunting seasons in the context of animal welfare.
2. Licensing and training: Hunters must hold an official licence and provide proof of appropriate training. The licence is only available after passing the examination….

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Free Sovereign European State

Self-sufficient living together and being there for each other. In peace, with mutual respect, dignity and consideration – for our own lives, for the lives of other people and all beings, and for nature.


A call for a new beginning for a free life in a new peaceful state. Will you join us and help us build this state?

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