10-point trade law

  1. Free trade between regions is established: A system that allows free trade of agricultural products within the country and with international partners without additional tariffs or trade barriers is established.
  2. Tax exemption for farmers in FSES is introduced: All agricultural products produced and marketed directly by farmers are exempt from taxes.
  3. Support for small and medium-sized farms is guaranteed: Financial incentives and subsidies for smaller farmers will be provided in the future to encourage competition with larger farms.
  4. Promotion of sustainability is implemented: Incentives for sustainable agricultural practices are created to protect the environment and ensure the quality of the products in the long term.
  5. Free marketing is realised: Unnecessary regulations that hinder the marketing and sale of agricultural products do not exist in order to promote direct interaction between farmers and consumers.
  6. Education and research will be strengthened: Investments will be made in research and education to develop innovative technologies and promote farmers‘ skills in the area of free trade.
  7. Transparency and consumer protection are guaranteed: Clear rules on the labelling of products to guarantee quality and protect consumers are introduced. Genetically modified goods are not allowed on the market.
  8. Access to capital is facilitated: Access to credit and capital for farmers is made possible to support investments in technology and infrastructure.
  9. Rural infrastructure is developed: Investments in rural infrastructure to facilitate transport and access to markets are made so that farmers can market their products more efficiently.
  10. International cooperation and trade agreements are strengthened: International partnerships and trade agreements to promote the export of agricultural products are strengthened to give farmers access to new markets.



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