Free Sovereign European State

10-point hunting right (provisional)

  1. Sustainability and animal welfare: Hunting shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainability and in consideration of animal welfare. This includes the protection of endangered species and the observance of hunting seasons in the context of animal welfare.            
  2. Licensing and training: Hunters must hold an official licence and provide proof of appropriate training. The licence is only available after passing the examination.
  3. Compliance with hunting seasons and restrictions: Hunting of the respective animal species is only permitted during the hunting seasons and within the quotas set for them.
  4. Equipment and safety regulations: Hunters must use the prescribed equipment and meet all safety requirements to protect both people and animals.
  5. Prohibition of poaching: The unauthorised hunting and trade in wildlife or their products is strictly prohibited and can be punished with severe penalties.
  6. Habitat protection: Protecting habitats and minimising disturbances in sensitive ecosystems are of key importance.
  7. Use of hunting dogs: The training and use of hunting dogs must be carried out responsibly and in accordance with animal welfare laws.
  8. Obligation to report: Killed game must be properly reported and veterinary examinations carried out depending on the game species in order to monitor diseases and other health risks.
  9. Marketing of game products: The processing and sale of game products must comply with the applicable health and hygiene regulations at all steps.
  10. Responsible hunting ethics: Hunters are required to act in an ethically responsible manner in the training and practice of hunting, including respect for game, other hunters and the public. Preservation and care are paramount.

Free Sovereign European State

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